Hakomi is a psychotherapeutic method that is both profoundly gentle and powerful.

Using a state of inner mindfulness during the therapeutic process, it creates a space for exploring one`s own intuitions and long-held behavioral/emotional patterns in order to create new and healing experiences.


Founded in the 1970s by Ron Kurtz in the USA, Hakomi Therapy is based on the attitude that every person has self-healing powers. The Hakomi therapist supports the process of self-exploration and building on inner wisdom and resources. In Hakomi therapy, we consider limiting behaviors and beliefs that have become automatic patterns/concerns in one`s life as originally intelligent answers to earlier formative experiences. By turning to these areas, responding, honoring and caring for them, a climate of openness and acceptance arises towards them. This then provides the conditions for the inner self to show its knowledge of what it actually needs for a happier existence.