Impact of Language/Internal Models of Reality

Each person`s personality is made up of different aspects or parts. How these different parts work together (or against each other) depends on what they know about each other and about the outside world. In our view, the quality of a person`s self-organization is determined by the flow of information between these parts. The HAKOMI method addresses and engages with these parts and supports the flow of information.

A person`s internal models of reality are also central to the HAKOMI method as they both open up and limit the possibilities of behavior and experience. An intentional use of language, combined with mindfulness, allows access to the inner symbolic level where these models are stored thereby providing an opportunity to identify and work with these models and build a new updated relationship with the self and the world one lives in. Additionally, language is a primary aspect of establishing and maintaining connection and a trustful alliance in the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist.